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The original one

Tan Through Bikini

tan through bikini

Made in Portugal

Beach Essential 2024

What is a tan-through bikini?

Experience the tan-through bikini with TANON: Specially developed to allow sun rays to pass through the fabric and thus minimize annoying tan lines. Enjoy an even tan without sacrificing style and comfort with our revolutionary bikini. 🖤✨

Tan-through technology

TANON's tan-through technology enables a more natural tanning experience. Many small holes in the special mesh fabric allow UV rays to pass through, resulting in fewer tan lines. Despite the holes, the fabric remains opaque, so wearers can sunbathe carefree. It thus combines the best of comfort and function for a unique sunbathing experience.

That's what Tanon is all about

Less tan lines

Say goodbye to pronounced tan lines! Our tan-through technology minimizes tan lines by allowing the sun to gently caress the fabric for a harmonious and even tan that enhances your natural beauty.

Dry 10 times faster

Forget the uncomfortable feeling of a wet bikini. TANON dries 10x faster than conventional swimwear, so you'll quickly feel dry and comfortable again after jumping into the cool water - perfect for carefree sunny days.


Enjoy the sun with the confidence that your TANON bikini will provide full coverage, even when wet. Our high-quality materials ensure that you can move carefree and freely without revealing anything.

Launched in 2023

Already over 10,000 customers


I love the material. So incredibly soft and comfortable to wear!! It was already in the water. The bikini dries super quickly because it is relatively thin. It is completely opaque but still tans through.

Verena B. (AT)


I think the cut and the fit on the body are great. My highlight is finally not getting tan lines and that you dry really quickly when you get out of the water.

Nene (IT)


Skeptical at first, but I was in the midday sun for 2-3 days and actually got fewer marks. I am thrilled with the TANON bikini. I took the GRACE top :-)

Viktoria L. (DE)


Fits great! Dear! I always have an M and it fits easily, I have a good B cup. The material appears to be of very high quality and well made.

Jeannette B.


Founded in 2023

Start-up from Austria

TANON is an innovative Austrian start-up that has revolutionized the swimwear market. Based in the heart of Austria, we focus on sustainability and fair production, and all of our production facilities are located in Europe. Our unique tan-through technology means fewer tan lines and more enjoyment in the sun, while taking our environmental responsibilities seriously. Our passion for design, our commitment to quality, and our commitment to ethical practices inspire us every day. Discover the world of TANON - where Austrian innovation and European values ​​go hand in hand!