Tan-through Technology

The TANON Bikini represents a revolution in the tanning experience, combining innovative technology with comfort and style.

Tan-through Technology: Our tan-through bikinis are made from a unique fabric that lets UV rays through while remaining opaque to prevent unwanted glances. This special technology allows you to minimize tan lines so you can enjoy the sun worry-free. You get an almost flawless tan without sacrificing privacy.

Quick-Drying: The TANON Bikini dries up to 10 times faster than conventional bikinis, elevating your comfort to a new level.

Adaptability: The flexible material conforms to your individual figure without pinching, allowing for a pleasant tanning experience.

Reinforced Straps and Strings: Double-reinforced straps and strings ensure that everything stays in place so you can feel comfortable both in motion and at rest.

Sustainability and Quality: With fair production in Europe, TANON stands for quality and responsibility. Your well-being is complemented by our commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Opaque Safety: The fabric of the TANON Bikini allows UV rays through but remains opaque, so you can feel completely comfortable and sunbathe without worry. Your privacy remains protected, while the sun reaches every angle of your skin.

The TANON Bikini is not just a fashionable statement but a thoughtful product that understands and fulfills your needs for comfort, style, and an even tan.

Treat yourself to the TANON Bikini and look forward to relaxed hours in the sun, always stylish and with minimized tan lines. It's not just a must-have for the upcoming swim season; it's a new chapter in your sunbathing experience.

TANON in Action